Pretty Little Furnishings and Home Decor

Make an Impact!

These one of a kind, beautifully hand painted dressers are the perfect statement piece to jump start any room.  The attention to detail is unmistakeable.  All pieces are painted front and back, inside and out.  Drawers are fully lined with stunning charmeuse in vibrant colors and bold patterns, an added element of drama and surprise that is sure to delight.  

Glam it Up!

Glamourous and dramatic, mirrors are the perfect accent to any room.  This gorgeous masterpiece is sure to stop anyone in their tracks.  Made 100% of uncycled unconventional materials, this bold design is a unique way to be eco-friendly and add that extra bit of sparkle to your home.  Being green has never looked so good!

Be Bold!

Faux headboards are the perfect way to dress up your bedroom or guest room without the commitment that traditional bed frames demand.  Simple to install, space saving, and cost effective. These custom headboards can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns.  Change the whole look of your room without breaking the bank.  

Turn your Jewellery into Art!

Transform your tangled mess of jewellery into a masterpiece.  Display all of your precious metals in a creative and inviting way.  An exemplary way to add a little glamour and shine to your walk-in closet, closet door, bedroom or bathroom walls.

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